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I am a Daddy! [Sep. 6th, 2005|08:46 pm]
Soulful Writer
Allahu Akbar!

I am a daddy.

More later insha Allah....
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Just to Update For Those that are Interested... [Feb. 24th, 2005|09:41 am]
Soulful Writer
I know I haven't updated in a long time, but when something important happens, I guess I should here.

I am currently working on my second script and I pray that it will be finished (Insha Allah) in less than two months. Won't give too much detail about it but racism will be the underlying theme in the script.

My work schedule will set me back a few days/weeks, but I insist on working hard to get this finished as soon as possible.

I pray that Allah grants me success in this project!
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Participation in the Political System [Sep. 13th, 2004|11:40 pm]
Soulful Writer

During the latter half of this century, the Muslim Ummah has been trying to revive itself from its current situation. Many Muslims and Muslim groups are trying to create the change using various means and styles. The concept of participating in the system, or changing the existing situation by using the current political institutions and systems, has become the dominant means in attempting to change the Ummah's situation. This concept has become so thoroughly entrenched in the minds of the Muslims that many of them refuse to recognize or consider any other alternative.

It is agreed upon unanimously by all Muslims that Islam is the only solution, not only to the problems of the Muslim Ummah but to the problems of the world. The Muslims also agree upon that Islam must be established through the methodology of the Prophet (saw). When the issue of how the Prophet (saw) carried the Daw'ah and established Islam is raised, the confusion begins. Changing the system from within, participating within the system, joining the current status quo, have all come to represent the major political styles of the mainstream Muslim Ummah, and many Muslims believe that the Prophet (saw) used this method to change his situation and establish Islam.

The Muslim Ummah has the obligation before Allah (swt) to supervise the affairs of humanity:

"Thus We have made you a just (and the best) Ummah, that you be witnesses over mankind and the Messenger be a witness over you." [TMQ 2:143] "You are the best Ummah ever raised up for mankind; you enjoin Al-Ma'ruf (Islam and all that Islam has ordained) and forbid Al-Munkar (Kufr and all that Islam has forbidden) and you believe in Allah." [TMQ 3:110]

For the Muslims to execute this responsibility, they must establish Islam and bring the Akham Shar'iyah into existence. To change their situation, the Muslims must understand how to bring Islam to the implementation level, which implies understanding the Seerah of the Prophet (saw) and the message of Islam itself. The Muslims today believe they can change their situation by casting more votes at the ballot boxes, holding more rallies and protests, increasing their numbers, patching, up the current systems with a bits and pieces of the Ahkam Shar'iyah, writing more letters to the international community, or having a few "Islamists" in a parliament or congress. There is no way to expect the Ummah to reestablish Islam by any other method other than the Islamic method, and there is no way for the Ummah to establish, implement, and propagate a message that it does not understand. How the Ummah proceeds to revive itself reflects its understanding of Islam itself, the ideas and concepts it carries, and the reference it adopts. With this in mind, the issue of participating within the current political system, and all that this concept entails, must be addressed from the Islamic perspective.


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Intellectual Leadership in Islam (Part Three) [Sep. 12th, 2004|02:57 pm]
Soulful Writer
To summarise three ideologies exist in the world, Capitalism,
Socialism and the third ideology is Islam. Each of these ideologies
has its own doctrine from which a system emanates, a measure for man's
actions, a particular view of society, and a method to implement the

As for `aqeedah the Communist ideology holds that matter is the origin
of things and that all things emanate from is by means of
materialistic evolving i.e. dialectic materialism.

The Capitalist ideology believes that religion must be separated from
life which results in the separation of religion from the state.
Hence, the Capitalists don't discuss the issue whether a Creator
exists or not, they merely discuss the point which says that the
Creator has no right to interfere in the life regardless of whether
his existence is acknowledged or not. Consequently, those
acknowledging the existence of a Creator and those who deny it are
equal in the Capitalist doctrine which is the separation of religion
from life.

As for Islam, it believes that Allah (swt) created everything in
existence and that He (swt) sent prophets and messengers with His
(swt) deen to human beings, and that man will account for his actions
on the Day of Judgement. Therefore, Islam's `aqeedah is the belief
(Iman) in Allah (swt), His angels, His books, His messengers, and the
Qadaa and Qadar, the good and bad of which are from Allah (swt).
However, regarding the manner in which the system emanates from the
doctrine, Communism maintains that the system is taken from the tools
of production, thus the feudal system was the product of the dominant
mode of production in the feudal society, namely the axe. The
evolution of society to Capitalism made machinery become the tool of
production, thus the Capitalist system is taken from this mode of
production through dialectic materialism. Capitalism in separating
religion from life, maintains that it is man who sets the system for
this life based upon his situation. Islam considers that Allah (swt)
has assigned a system for man to proceed in this life. He (swt) has
sent Muhammad (saw) with this system which was revealed to him (saw)
and man must follow it. Hence, a Muslim studies the problem and
deduces its solution from the Quran and the Sunnah.

As the measure for actions, Communism considers materialism, i.e. the
materialistic system, so as matter evolves so does the measure.
Capitalism considers the measure to be benefit, and on this basis,
actions are evaluated. Islam considers the halal and the haram as the
measure, i.e. the commands of Allah (swt). Accordingly, the halal is
performed and the haram shunned; the measure neither evolves nor
changes, nor is it influenced by benefit, and thus it is only the
Shari`ah which governs.

As for society Communism considers it consisting of a whole unit
comprising of earth, modes of production, nature, and man which all
are considered to be matter. When nature and its content evolve man
evolves with it, thus the society evolves. Consequently, society is
subjugated to evolving materialism. Therefore, man has to only bring
forth the contradictions to promote this evolutionary process. When
the society evolves the individual evolves with it and thus man
revolves with the society like a spoke in a wheel.

Capitalism views society as composed of individuals. Hence, if the
individual's affairs are managed the society's affairs will be
managed. Care is therefore, only given to the individual while the
government acts only on the individual's behalf. Consequently, this
ideology is individualistic.

Islam views the `aqeedah as the basis of society. This `aqeedah
includes its thoughts, sentiments and the system which emanates from
it. Thus, the Islamic society is brought into being when the Islamic
thoughts and sentiments dominate and the Islamic system is implemented
among the people.

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Intellectual Leadership in Islam (Part Two) [Sep. 8th, 2004|03:23 pm]
Soulful Writer
If we examine the ideologies that exist in the world, we will find
only three: Capitalism, Communism and Islam. The first two ideologies
are implemented by states, while Islam is not carried by a state, but
rather by individuals within different peoples, nevertheless it is
internationally existent in the whole globe.

Capitalism is based upon the separation of religion from life. This
idea constitutes its doctrine, its ideological leadership and its
intellectual basis. According to this intellectual basis man lays the
system for life and it is necessary to preserve for man the following
types of freedom: freedom of belief, freedom of opinion, freedom of
ownership and personal freedom. The Capitalist economic system has
arisen out of the freedom of ownership and capitalism has become the
most prominent feature that has sprung out from the doctrine of this
ideology. Thus, this ideology is called Capitalism named after its
most prominent aspect.

As for democracy, which is ascribed to this ideology, it stems from
man laying his own system. The people are therefore, the source of
authority. They determine the structure and function of the system,
employ the ruler to govern them, and take away the authority from the
ruler when they want to and establish for him the laws they like. This
is because ruling is a contract between the people and the ruler to
rule according to a system people choose to be applied.

Though democracy is a part of capitalism, it is less prominent than
the economic system. Because the Capitalist economy in the West
influences the government to the extent that the Capitalists are
effectively the real rulers in the Capitalist countries which
implement Capitalism. Moreover, democracy is not limited to this
ideology, since the Communists also claim to be democratic and pretend
that governing belongs to the people. It is therefore more accurate to
call this ideology the Capitalist Ideology or Capitalism.

This ideology emerged when the emperors and kings of Europe and Russia
were using religion as a means to exploit the people, transgress
against them and suck their blood. The clergy was used as an
instrument for this. There arose, as a result of the oppression, a
bloody struggle in which the philosophers and thinkers went as far as
denying religion. While, others acknowledged religion but called for
its separation from life. Eventually, the opinion of the majority of
the philosophers and thinkers settled on one idea, the separation of
religion from life. It naturally resulted in the separation of
religion from the state. Thus, the opinion settled on avoiding the
discussion of religion, whether in denial or recognition, and instead
confined discussion to the necessity of separating religion from life.
This notion constituted a compromise between the clergy, on the one
hand, who sought to control everything in the name of religion, and
the philosophers and thinkers, on the other hand, who denied religion
and theocracy. Therefore, this idea does not deny religion nor does it
allow it to interfere in the life, instead it just separates it from
life. Consequently, the doctrine which was embraced by the West is the
separation of religion from life, and this doctrine is the
intellectual basis upon which all thoughts are built, the basis for
the intellectual direction of man and his viewpoint in life. It is the
basis for solving all of life's problems. It is the intellectual
leadership carried and propagated in the world by the West.

The separation of religion from life implicitly recognises religion,
and by doing so, it recognises that there is a Creator of the
universe, man and life, and that there will be a Day of Resurrection.
Since, these are the origins of religion as a religion. It provides an
idea about the universe, man, life, and what preceded this life and
what is to follow it because it didn't deny the existence of religion.
When it claimed the separation of life from religion it actually
confirmed its implicit existence. Therefore it proved the existence of
religion and gave the idea that there is no relationship between this
life with what preceded it and with what is to follow it, and that
religion is a mere relationship between the individual and his
Creator. Accordingly, this doctrine (separation of religion from
life), by its all inclusive concept, constitutes a comprehensive idea
about the universe, man and life. Thus capitalism, by this
explanation, is an ideology like any other.

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Thinking Process [Aug. 29th, 2004|06:45 pm]
Soulful Writer

It was mentioned before that the process of thinking occurs when one or more of the senses falls upon a subject matter, which is then transferred to the brain and linked to previous information about that subject matter. After the linking with previous information and a judgement is made, that the process of thinking has occurred. Therefore, the necessary components of thought can be summarized as: a subject or subject matter, the senses, the able brain, and previous information. If there is an absence of any of these components, it is impossible for a thought to take place. We can illustrate this process by discussing a book written in the chinese language. If this book were being read by a person who had no clue about the structure, syntax, or even letters of the chinese language, it would be impossible for him to discern anything whatsoever from the contents of the book. There is a subject matter (the book itself), the sense of sight falls on the letters of the book and the images of the lettering is transferred to the brain. However, since there is no previous information regarding the chinese language, no thought can be generated regarding the contents of the book.

Today, humans get previous information from each other. The question however is where did the first man get his previous information from? This question is answered by the Quran, with the story of Adam (as). Allah the exalted informs us-in translation:

"And He taught Adam all the names, then He showed then to the angels, saying: Inform Me of the names of these if you are truthful. They said: Be glorified! We have no knowledge except what you have taught us, Indeed you are the Knower, the Wise. He said: O Adam, inform them of their names, then He said: Didn't I tell you I know the secret of the heavens and the earth?"

So the Creator of the universe stated that He was the one who gave the first man, our father Adam, the previous information (names of everything). Today in the West, the scientists and scholars, are still at a loss in determining the mind, and its components. Thus, it is not uncommon to find articles in Time Magazine, or documentaries on public broadcast television, wondering, debating, or speculating upon the mind. The Communists came closest to determining the mind. They claimed that the mind was a reflection of matter on the brain, and they ruled out altogether the role of previous information. This was nesessary for them since admitting the need for previous information to think is ultimately submitting to a Creator. Since communism is based on materialism, and it's evolution, thereby dismissing the role of a Creator, the previous information also had to be dismissed. The communist theory about the mind is also invalid because the brain does not have any ability to reflect information. It is not at all like a mirror, nor does it act like one, as they have defind it. So it is incorrect to say that the brain reflects information. Secondly, this hypothesis was put only to substantiate another hypothesis called Materialism or material evolution. In the West, after the industrial revolution and the use of the scientific method of thinking which led to the success of the industrial revolution, the western scientists and scholars began to depend solely on the scientific way of thinking in all aspects of life. Science and the scientific method of thinking was not ristricted to the physical and material sciences like physics, chemistry and thermodynamics, but went to cover fields like psychology, sociology, and anthropology. While the scientific method of thinking is valid in chemistry, astronomy and physics, it is invalid in psychology and sociology. The scientific method revolves around discarding any previous opinions about the subject being analyzed, then studying the object, taking it out of it's natural environment,observing its qualities and aspects, and then deriving formulas or conclusions based on the analyzed properties.

With regard to psychology, sociology, and any other science related to people, the scientific method is invalid because the behavior of people is controlled by their believed- in thoughts. So observing the actions of people with the intent of deriving conclusions or making generalizations may well lead to error. Without studying the thoughts which led to the action, or the creed and point of view of life which specified the thought, any conclusion that is derived is doubtful. Also it is not possible for emotions like fear, or greed to be placed under a microscope. One cannot study the components of the instincts, or isolate their location in the human body. Also this method cannot be used in policy analysis or in deriving divine rules. Consequently, the scientific method is limited to the areas and aspects that it can study i.e. the tangible matter. Western scientists and scholars, nonetheless use this method in all areas. This method is also an invalid method to be used in arriving at the Ultimate Conclusion. The Creator himself cannot be put under the scalpel or disector of the biologist, and consequently, this method is limited with regard to arriving at the Ultimate Conclusion.

For example,Rashad Khalifa tried to use the scientific method in relation to the Islamic Aqeedah. He denied some ayats of the Quran, since it did not conform to his theory of the number 19. After this he claimed that he was a messenger, saying that Allah took a covenant from all the messengers, about his messengership.(We seek refuge in Allah from believing this). It must be understood that the Quran is not a math book, a physics book, or a biological book. The messenger of Allah (saaws) encouraged the people to study and observe in the laboratories. However, when it came to halal and haram, the human mind had no say in their legislation. We find other muslims, overloading, stretching, and contorting certain ayats to conform to certain biological findings and astronomical breakthroughs. For example, the ayat from Surat-ur-Rahman where Allah says-in translation: "O company of Jinns and Humans, if you can get out of the heavens and earth, then do so, but you cannot do it except with an authority (sultan)." (Surah Rahman: 33)

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Intellectual Leadership in Islam (Part One) [Aug. 29th, 2004|04:34 pm]
Soulful Writer
Whenever the level of thinking declines, the wataniyah (patriotic bond) amongst people arises. It arises in a land to which they are attached. The survival instinct pushes them to defend themselves and the land they live on and automatically leads to the patriotic bond. This patriotic bond is the weakest
and lowest level of bond, it is present amongst animals and birds as well as human beings.

It manifests itself in an emotional manner and is necessary in the event of a foreign aggression against the land, either when attacked or occupied. The patriotic bond never arises when the land is safe from aggression. It ceases when the foreigner is repelled or banished from the homeland. Therefore, this bond is primitive.

Moreover, when the thinking level is narrow, the qawmiyah (nationalism) arises. It is similar to a family bond though in a broader sense. Once the survival instinct is deeply rooted in the individual it manifests towards the inclination to dominate others. The inclination to dominate is individualistic in a man of low intellect. However, as the individuals horizon broadens his inclination to dominate widens, thus his attempts to dominate increases from
his family, then to his people in the homeland and once that is achieved the dominance of his people over all other people becomes the objective. The struggle for dominance creates internal feuds amongst the members of the family. Hence, when the dominance within the family is settled then the feud
transfers to a feud between his family and other families until the dominance is settled in favour of one family or a group of people from different families. In the end, the conflict arises between his people and others for dominance and achieving a high standard of living.

Racialism prevails amongst the people sharing this bond who are subject to whims and selfishness. Consequently, it is an inhumane bond and it remains exposed to internal feuds if it is not preoccupied with external conflicts.

Therefore, the patriotic bond is unsuitable for the following three reasons:

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The Way to Belief [Aug. 25th, 2004|03:35 pm]
Soulful Writer
The Way to Belief

Man revives according to what he carries in terms of thought about life, the universe and man, and about their relationship, as a whole, with what preceded life and what comes after it. Hence, in order for man to progress, it is necessary to radically and comprehensively change his current thought and generate another thought for him, because it is the thought that generates the concepts about things and concentrates them. Man shapes his behaviour in life according to his concepts about it. Hence, man's concepts about a person he likes shapes his behaviour towards that person and in contrast with his behaviour towards a person he hates as well as towards whom he holds the concepts of hate, and also in contrast with his behaviour towards a person he does not know nor holds any concepts about. So, human behaviour is linked to mans concepts and when we wish to change the behaviour of the declined man and make it a refined behaviour, it is imperative to change his concepts first. Allah (swt) says:

"Allah does not change the circumstances of any people until they have
changed what is within themselves." [TMQ 13:11]

The only way to change man's concepts is by establishing the thought about life on earth in order to set up the correct concepts about it. The thoughts about life on earth will not be established in a productive manner in one's mind unless the thought about the universe, man, life, and about the reality before and after life, and the current life's relationship with what is before and after it is set up. This can be achieved by giving a comprehensive thought about the universe, man and life, because this is the intellectual basis upon which all ideas about life are built. Giving this comprehensive thought about these matters is the solution to man's greatest problem. Once this problem is solved all other problems are solved, because all other problems are either partial compared to the main problem or ramifications of it. This solution wouldn't lead to the correct progress, unless it is a sound solution which is compatible with man's innate nature and which convinces the mind and thus fills the heart with tranquillity.

The true solution cannot be reached except through an illuminated thinking process about the universe, man and life. Consequently, those who yearn for progress and ways of intellectual ascension must first solve this problem in a correct manner by means of illuminated thought. This solution is none other than the `aqeedah which serves as the intellectual basis upon which every thought generated about behaviour in life and about its systems is built.

Islam turned to the greatest problem of man and solved it in a manner that agrees with his nature, convinces his mind, and fills his heart with tranquillity. Islam made the intellectual acceptance of this solution a condition for embracing it. Therefore, Islam is built upon one basis, i.e., the `aqeedah, which states there is a Creator behind the universe, man, and life on earth, there is a creator who created them all and created everything: He is Allah. And that this Creator created everything out of nothing. His existence is compulsory and He is not created - otherwise, He wouldn't be a Creator. His being a Creator makes it necessary that He is not created and that His
existence is imperative because all things depend for their existence on Him and He does not depend on anything.

The things which are comprehensible to the mind, man, life, and the universe, are limited, weak, imperfect, it is imperative for them to have a Creator. Man is limited, because he grows in every aspect (intellectually and physically) to a certain limit that he cannot surpass. Life is limited, because it manifests itself only in individuals and ends with the individual. The universe is limited, because it is the sum of celestial bodies, and each body is limited, and the sum of limited things is irrefutably limited. Thus, man, life, and the universe are definitely limited. When we ponder on the limited things, we see that they are not azaly (eternal - having no beginning or end), otherwise they could not be limited, and therefore, they must be created by something else, which is the Creator of man, life and the universe? This Creator, is either created by someone else, created himself, or eternal and self-subsistent. It is absolutely false that he is created by someone else, because if so this entity would be limited and could not be
rationally considered as the Creator. As for being self created, the
ramification of which would be simultaneously being created by himself and creating himself. This is simply absurd. Hence, the creator whose existence is imperative must be eternal and
self-subsistent. He is Allah.

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New Community on Islam learn_islam [Aug. 11th, 2004|06:34 pm]
Soulful Writer
Welcome to a new community on Islam!

LJ Portal for Islamic Information
A community specifically designed for giving and recieving daw'ah to muslims and non-muslims. This community is focused on discussion and debate. For further clarification check out the community info page.

Muslims and non-muslims from all backgrounds are welcome!

Please visit: learn_islam
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Political Awareness [Jul. 28th, 2004|10:59 pm]
Soulful Writer
The Islamic state is an ideological state. It's main function is to carry the Islamic call to the world. Therefore, it must have international standing and be able to influence international relations. Consequently, the political concepts that are carried by politicians must be those related to international politics. They must not have concepts linked to regional or local politics alone. In other words, the politicians, being Muslims, must carry political concepts from an international angle and not from a local or regional angle alone. Therefore, as their state is an Islamic state, they have no choice but to enjoy complete political awareness. So, as Muslims, and as their state is the Islamic state, whose fundamental function is to carry the Islamic call to the world, it is mandatory for them to possess not only political awareness but that this awareness must be complete.

Political awareness does not only mean awareness of political and international situations, political events, or simply keeping up with international politics and actions, although these are required for it to be complete, but Political awareness means viewing the world from a particular angle. For Muslims, the particular angle is the Islamic Aqeedah, namely La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammadur Rasoolullah. Allah's Messenger said: "I was commanded to fight the people until they say La Ilaha ill Allah, Muhammadur Rasoolullah. If they say it, they will secure from me their blood and wealth except for what is rightfully due". This is political awareness, viewing the world without a particular angle is shallowness, and not political awareness. Furthermore restricting oneself to the local or regional domain is frivolity, and not political awareness. Political awareness cannot be achieved unless two elements are present; the entire world must be the domain of ones view and secondly this view must emanate from a particular angle, whether this angle is a specific ideology, thought, benefit or anything else.

This is the reality of political awareness. Naturally for the Muslim, the particular angle is the Islamic Aqeedah. Since this is the reality of political awareness, it becomes mandatory on the politician to engage in struggle to formulate a specific concept about life for man as a man in every place. Carrying this concept is the foremost responsibility to be carried on the politically aware persons shoulders. For him there will be no rest until he has exerted his utmost in establishing it.

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